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Consorcio Nobis is a young consortium that was set up in 1997. Compañía Azucarera Valdez and Mall del Sol Shopping Center were its first two enterprises. The consortium is led by Ms. Isabel Noboa Ponton, Ecuador’s most respected businesswoman according to surveys carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers AC, Lideres Weekly Journal, El Comercio Journal, and Vistazo Magazine.

With the establishment of other companies such as Pronobis and Ecoelectric, as well as rescuing the centenarian La Universal industry, Consorcio Nobis is nowadays a holding formed by leading agroindustry, real estate, trade and tourism enterprises.






Consorcio Nobis is a young, sound and innovative consortium. Its actions are framed within the guidelines of a structured and balanced Corporate Governance, intended to have all of its clients achieve their goals. Thus, it develops effective strategies based on an ethical culture of human values and results.

The members of the Board of Directors are high-level executives that identify themselves with Nobis’s philosophy; they have an honest and responsible track record, with expertise and business management knowledge.

isabel maría Romero

Melissa romero

Roberto Salas

Abelardo Pachano

Isidro Romero

isabel noboa pontón

Gabriel Bader

Heinz Moeller

Consorcio Nobis supervises and coordinates its businesses’ operations through its directors’ active participation. During the Board of Director’s meetings, corporate guidelines plus specific actions are determined, and relations among the public and institutions are supported

In this way, Nobis ensures that its enterprises develop the highest quality products and services offer with appropriate prices in accordance to its clients’ purchasing power, while ratifying its commitment to social and environmental responsibility.



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Nobis’s most important capital is its people. Therefore, the consortium offers an intense, challenging and creative career. With the commitment to provide excellent products and services, the consortium looks for collaborators that share its philosophy, passion, tenacious work, solidarity and primacy of its ethic values to serve its clients.

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