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Texto Isabel Noboa
Believing is Creating…

I started out in this great adventure of entrepreneurship and business management with huge zest and eagerness. With zest, because I’ve always felt passionate about my country, and from an early age, I’d longed to contribute to its development in some way. I believe in Ecuador just as I believe in family, with unconditional love and devotion, with discipline and energy. And with eagerness, for that is the emotion that brings you to creation. Work is no longer work when we add optimism to our effort. In that realm, work turns into creation.


I accepted the challenge of leading several enterprises in 1994. It was my chance to make my dream come true and contribute to Ecuador. My experience had been limited to the Foundation and to managing non-governmental institutions. With this background, I sought advice from renowned entrepreneurs, I deepened my financial and economic knowledge, and I surrounded myself by principle-committed professionals, whose mottos were these two passions: creating and believing. Creating in order to be innovative in what we do and believing in order to bet it all on the country, and let that energy and thrust be regarded as our characteristics.


We founded Nobis in 1997 and from the beginning its mission was to become a key part of our country’s progress and development, by CREATING employment and growth opportunities for its citizens. We knew that setbacks and complex scenarios should not stop our mission and that only the achieved results would count. We could only conceive this possible through our values such as: Integrity, creativity, perseverance and specially teamwork, by making the most of our human talents, and creating synergy so as to structure a production apparatus where each cog would have each of our companies’ workers’ names and surnames.


Nobis has dedicated its institutional life to reaffirming its commitment and faith in Ecuador and its citizens day after day, in the knowledge that each of our actions will echo in future generations. We are convinced that we cannot wait on perfect conditions in order to produce and prosper. We need to create these conditions, honoring our obligations, with creative and innovative work, envisioning our communities’ sustainable development through social and environmental responsibility.


If working by and for the country defines us as a group of enterprises that has tried to succeed, I think we are still far apart from achieving this. We believe that success is not arriving at a port but rather it’s a constant journey. Our book still has many blank pages to be filled in. What we have done up to now is barely the kickoff of a story that has just begun…

Isabel Noboa Pontón
Consorcio Nobis Executive President
Texto Roberto Dunn
I am proud to reaffirm the group’s commitment to Ecuador’s development.

As Consorcio Nobis’s Executive Director, I am proud to reaffirm year after year, the Group’s commitment to Ecuador and its citizens’ integral development.

We are a consortium that generates constant progress in diverse sectors of the domestic economy. Thanks to the valuable contribution of our human resources and guided by our corporate values, we aim to promote production, decent employment, and social and environmental responsibility.

Indeed, our values allow us to maintain an excellent performance in each of our enterprises and to sustain our strategy.

Our projects define us as a unique and differentiated group of enterprises seeking to create value through an association, participation and responsible management model that translates into benefits, for both our partners and collaborators, as well as for the community.

We want to continue with our expansion plans, bet on growing together with our people, create more sources of work, and develop more national and regional projects. Our vision is the same: we want to keep moving forward with increasingly innovative teams, where we accommodate more first-rate professionals and young entrepreneurs. We believe we can also grow with partners and allies that share our vision. We will continue to work in the development of our corporate values as the basis for our growth.

We invest day after day in order to offer new technologies and successful models that consolidate our society’s growth and each of the markets we participate in.

Nobis aspires to consolidate itself as an international investment holding by 2020 and consolidate a diversified and global growing portfolio as well, with high levels of responsibility, ensuring always the promotion of large-scale projects that boost progress for all.

Roberto Dunn Suárez
Consorcio Nobis Executive Director
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